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Key Benefits of a Property Buyer's Agent

When people in the property market think of an ‘agent’, they’re thinking of a real estate agent.

Real estate agents represent the seller, and are looking to get the highest price for the client.

In most cases, buyers are left to fend for themselves in their hunt for the best property deal.

But the savviest investors know there are agents that represent the buyer, too. They’re a secret weapon for those who want to get proactive in the property market.

A buyer’s agent does the opposite of a real estate agent. Buyer’s agents go out and search for a property that suits you, rather than acting for the seller and pushing their property on every potential buyer in the market.

Before you attempt to enter the buying process on your own, consider some of the key benefits of a buyer’s agent.

Understand all your options.

Your agent will help you search for just the right property that meets the needs of your business or investment portfolio. The agent knows what features will best line up with your overall strategy and seeks out all possible property options that suit.

The agent will help you evaluate a potential property and then negotiate the purchase price.

Without the help of a buyer’s agent, you might not ever know just how many opportunities are out there and may be able to access off-market options.

Help settling the transaction.

Closing the deal can be a difficult and lengthy process. A buyer’s agent can walk you through every step of the way and ensure you’re getting the best possible deal.

Insider tips.

A buyer’s agent will most likely be much more familiar with the market than you, and can provide essential strategic advice. The agent might know about ideal properties that aren’t yet listed.

Agents can use their network to help you take advantage of prime opportunities.

Your agent will also know the right time to make an offer on a property and let you in on some key, expert insights to help you make the right buying decision.

Save time.

If you’re particularly active with property investment or have a number of commercial interests, then a buyer’s agent will prove really helpful as a second set of hands. You’ll be free to focus on the tasks and properties that need 100% of your time and attention.

Unbiased advice.

Because buyer’s agents don’t sell real estate, they shouldn’t have a vested interest or a commercial incentive in the property you buy. You’ll only get independent advice specific to your situation with your best interests in mind.

Advocate in the bidding process.

Bidding on a property can be intimidating, if you don’t do it often. Emotions can get the better of you in the heat of the moment and you might end up making an impulsive decision you’ll later regret.

Instead, let your buyer’s agent get out there and make offers on your behalf, sticking to the script with a cool and objective view.

Whether you just want some advice or someone to walk you through each step of the buying process, contact Broadway Property for a free initial chat about how a buyer’s agent can help you.

- Ben Heritage, Director, Broadway Property