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What Does Ten Gigabit Adelaide Mean for Landlords and Property Investors?

Have you heard about Ten Gigabit Adelaide? It is time to get up to speed, quite literally.

1000 companies have already registered to sign up for the super high-speed internet network, and it’s a particularly important project for landlords and property investors.

The Ten Gigabit Adelaide Project

This City of Adelaide-owned initiative aims to connects Adelaide buildings to a fibre-optic network that delivers Internet speeds of up to 10 gigabits per second.

That’s up to 100 times the national average.

It enables businesses connected to this network to send and receive incredible amounts of data securely, and makes Adelaide one of the fastest cities in the world in terms of Internet speed.

As an added bonus, installation is free.

Business along the main commercial strips in Adelaide will be connected to this high-speed fibre-optic network courtesy of the city. And accessing the service costs only a fraction of what local businesses currently pay for their own access to high-speed Internet.

What company wouldn’t want to be a part of this massive initiative to get Adelaide on the fast track?

Ten Gigabit Adelaide will have a big impact on the South Australian property market
Ten Gigabit Adelaide will have a big impact on the South Australian property market

Adelaide-Based Business Advantages

All businesses want their company to have a permanent place on the maps and in the history books.

That’s why many are starting to flock to Adelaide to get connected to the new ten gigabit system. Being able to use and offer a feature like high-speed fibre-optic Internet will give them an immense advantage over the competition.

Other resulting benefits include:

● Broader customer base as people flock to Adelaide to live and work

● Safe infrastructure as the city uses the network to regulate traffic flow

● More jobs in the area

● Economy growth

● Opportunities for increased innovation and investment

● Ability to attract top talent to work for company

All of this brings a huge boost to the Adelaide property market, and opportunities for landlords,property investors and office tenants.

Landlords with commercial property in Adelaide need to plan for a Ten Gigabit connection fast.

Register to sign up for the network so that your existing tenants can benefit, and you can attract new tenants. Tenant retention and attraction will improve the value of your property.

Investors, it’s time to get in on Adelaide. Businesses and their people are going to be coming in from all directions to seize the chance to work and live in a place connected to one of the fastest networks in the world.

Owning a piece of property in the area would put you at a significant strategic advantage. Your building would automatically become a piece of prime real estate that many companies will soon be vying for.

Learn More About Commercial Property in Adelaide

Big names are on their way in to Adelaide. The Australian Institute of Business was the first to connect to the network. And this massive project allows Adelaide to potentially lure companies like Google to set up a presence here.

Fast internet is great for everyone but particularly high tech companies, including Adelaide’s emerging space and defence industry.

If you’re an existing property investor in Adelaide, or considering breaking into the market, don’t waste any more time.

Broadway Property can provide you with expert advice, can act on your behalf as a buyer’s agent, manage the transaction process, represent your interests as a tenant and more.

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