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Property Advisory


We provide a strategic review of your existing property portfolio to clearly define your investment goals, objectives and risk profile.


Whether the focus is on long-term investment, development or value-add opportunities, we optimise your portfolio for growth.

Property development.

We support development projects at all stages, including site identification, feasibility studies, implementing a project team of consultants, site acquisition and sourcing tenants for pre-commitment.

Tenant Advisory

Support and advice for tenants.

It starts with a detailed review to understand requirements and find the optimal financial and occupancy solution for you.

Going to market.

We provide a detailed market brief to agents for submissions of available space, and guide you through the decision making process considering factors such as financial objectives, location, future growth plans and more.


Leveraging our market knowledge and experience, we act for you in lease negotiations to obtain the best possible commercial outcome.


We can also support and coordinate the fit-out project, and continue to represent you throughout the term of your lease.

Contact us to discuss your needs (no obligations).

Buyers Advocacy

Representing the property buyer.

With your investment strategy in mind, we’ll help you to identify and secure the right property for your goals and objectives.

We can undertake detailed analysis and recommendations and manage the acquisition on your behalf, from dealing with agents and contract negotiations right through to settlement.

The service continues.

After the property purchase, we also provide ongoing property services including lease negotiations, renewals and general management.

Transaction Management

Asset disposal.

If it comes time to sell, we will undertake a full review of the property asset.

We then request agent submissions on your behalf, and provide recommendations for the agency appointment.

We continue to manage the sale right through to settlement.

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